Welcome to KnappersQuarterly.com! This site and its publications are dedicated to the art of knapping (the shaping of conchoidal fracturing stone such as flint, chert, obsidian, basalt, quartzite, etc. and other materials [such as glass] by the process of reduction to create various stone tools, knives, and points). More recently, there is a growing trend in the field to knap materials into objects of art (eccentrics) and jewelry. While chipped stone tool production originated some 2.6 million years ago by early humans to more efficiently cope with their environment, the modern art of knapping is enjoyed today by experimental archaeologists, hobbyists, outdoorsmen, and artists alike. Overall, we feel that it is not only the end result that important, but the stories of the knappers and their experiences, as flintknapping is a hobby and work effort that is still practiced all around the world today for a variety of reasons.

KQ No. 4
Knapper’s Quarterly Number 4, Fall 2017 is now available! This publication, which contains six articles and five knapper profiles, can be ordered as a softcover book, downloaded in a digital computer application format (PC and Mac versions are available), or as a PDF file that is perfect viewing on smart phones, tablets, and computers (please refer to our FAQ page for more information about our PDF file version). For more information about this specific issue, please check out our KQ No. 4 page.

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