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August 2015

The Summer 2015 Issue of Knapper’s Quarterly is now available!

Finally, the first issue of Knapper’s Quarterly is now available as a downloadable PDF file or can be ordered as printed and bound version. For more information, please see our KQ Issues page. Additionally, I want to make a pubic apology to Robert Ratliff for my misspelling of the title of his article as it should read “Flaking the Zuvuya” (not Zubuya). While I’m sure that this is not the only typo in the publication, it’s a very regrettable one with it being on the cover of the hard copy version that has already been sent to the printer (however, this has been fixed in the most recent PDF version). Sorry, Bob — my bad!

New Photo Gallery added for Stan Piersa!

We are happy to announce that a new photo gallery has been added for Stan Piersa (Spirit of the Rock Lithics)

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park Knap-in, Tennessee, to be held from October 2–4, 2015

The Old Fort State Archaeological Park Knap-In has been going on for decades. This year the event will be held from October 2–4, 2015. Programs will begin at 3:00 PM on Friday, the 2nd and will continue through the weekend. The Knap-In is three fold: (1) we host knappers/vendors and present a range of programs discussing prehistoric stone working (including State archaeologist presented programs as well as Ranger led); (2) we also host an atlatl tournament as part of the Knap-In, sanctioned by the World Atlatl Association, which draws a number of competitors; and (3) this year we are also incorporating contemporary Native American culture by hosting a stomp dance on Saturday night.

The park itself is a Middle Woodland hilltop enclosure site. The walls/ mounds of our site are still fairly well preserved and encircle a nearly 50 acre clearing. We are located in southern middle Tennessee, right off a major interstate (I24). Our park has a 51 site campground, which is directly adjacent to the main park area.

Flyer and photos provided by Josh Waggener, Park Ranger 2, Old Fort State Archaeological Park. Click on flyer for downloadable PDF file. Also see our Calendar of Events for listing.

Knap-In-2015-Flyer-fbOSFSAP Knap-1OSFSAP Knap-4

New Photo Gallery Added for Danny Jennings and Rick Tollett Updates Again!

We are happy to announce that Danny Jennings has added a photo album to our site of his great work! And, once again, we happy to relate that Rick Tollett’s Gallery has also been updated with six new photos! Thanks Danny and Rick, please keep those photos coming in!

Many of the pages on this site can now be translated into different languages!

We have added a new feature, located near the bottom of various pages, that will allow the text to be available in other languages (over 50!) with a single click using Google Translate. Knapping is practiced all over the world and we have many visitors from different lands that would like to be able to read our pages in their native language - we sincerely hope this helps! Unfortunately, this is not available on our blog (this page) or the Ask the Knappers Question and Answer page.

Spanish: Hemos añadido una nueva característica, que se encuentra en la parte inferior de varias páginas, que permiten que el texto esté disponible en otros idiomas (más de 50!) Con un solo clic a través de Google Translate.

Danish: Vi har tilføjet en ny funktion, som ligger nær bunden af diverse sider, som vil gøre det muligt for teksten at være til rådighed på andre sprog (over 50!) Med et enkelt klik ved hjælp af Google Translate.

German: Wir haben ein neues Feature, am unteren Rand der einzelnen Seiten befinden, die mit einem Klick mit Google Translate ermöglichen wird der Text in anderen Sprachen verfügbar sein (über 50!) Aufgenommen.


Rick Tollett’s Photo Gallery Updated!

Rick Tollett has updated his gallery with photos of two new knives both made from Polka Dot Agate (one with a bear jaw handle!).

Bruce Hudson / Kentucky Knapper and Rick Tollett Photo Galleries Updated!

Bruce Hudson / Kentucky Knapper and Rick Tollett have updated their photo galleries on the site! Bruce Hudson / Kentucky Knapper is a self taught knapper living in Louisville, Kentucky. Bruce maintains two websites: (1) where he sells some of his works ( and (2) one for The Cahokia Project (, which brings together different flintknappers from across the country into one collection under one related point type to represent the brotherhood of flintknapping as well as to honor past and present knappers. Rick Tollett provides us with regular updates to his photo gallery. With this update Rick sent us six photos with each one containing a collection his work. Rick also maintains a gallery of his work that is for sale on under the title Rick tollett/steppinstone.

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