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July 2015

Danish Flinthead’s Photo Gallery Updated!

Danish Flinthead updated his photo gallery today with four new photos! We like the way that he turns some of the blades on their side to show how thin they are, as well as, the edge work! Great job!

Silas Chapman has just added a Photo Gallery to the site!

We are very happy to announce that Silas Chapman has just added a photo gallery to our site with 10 photographs of his excellent work! Silas is an 18 year old ABO knapper, who occasionally uses a copper pressure flaker. As always, we encourage all knappers to send in their photos (or update an existing gallery) so everyone can see and appreciate your efforts! You can email your photos to me directly at Thanks!

Rick Tollett’s Photo Album Updated with some beautiful knives

Rick Tollett’s photo gallery has just been updated with some beautiful knives including a set of Coyote Jaw Handle examples. Absolutely great work! Thanks for sharing them on our website Rick!

Dwayne Earnhardt has joined Knapper’s Quarterly!

We are pleased to announce that Dwayne Earnhardt has joined with us as an Editor of Knapper’s Quarterly. Dwayne is the owner and operator of and is the author of a recent book entitled “Flintknapping Art: Ancient Tools to Modern Art”. At Knapper’s Quarterly, he will be helping to write and edit articles as well as contacting flintknappers for upcoming features. Dwayne is a great guy and a extremely valuable asset that will help make Knapper’s Quarterly a publication that you will look forward to and truly enjoy.

Lance Mcilwain Photo Gallery Updated

We are happy to announce that Lance Mcilwain’s photo galley has been updated with addition of a beautiful coral point and three photos of a magnificent Tallahatta quartzite point. This is the second update to Lance’s gallery (in addition to his original gallery posting) and is something we greatly encourage others to do from time to time – thank you Lance!

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