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We apologize for some minor typos in early versions of KQ No. 5.

We were recently made aware of some minor typos in early versions of Knapper’s Quarterly No. 5 (Summer 2018). Some of these were introduced from production errors by using a beta version of our page layout application, while one or two others were just plain our mistake. Of particular note, there was an error in Figure 7. Ishi Stick Angle, of Dwayne Earnhardt’s article entitled A Guide to Edge to Edge Flaking on page 26 (the correct angle is 65%–75% as stated in the text [the insertion of decimal points in these percentages in the figure was in error]). This typo as well as some others have been corrected in all future versions of the issue.

The Summer 2015 Issue of Knapper’s Quarterly is now available!

Finally, the first issue of Knapper’s Quarterly is now available as a downloadable PDF file or can be ordered as printed and bound version. For more information, please see our KQ Issues page. Additionally, I want to make a pubic apology to Robert Ratliff for my misspelling of the title of his article as it should read “Flaking the Zuvuya” (not Zubuya). While I’m sure that this is not the only typo in the publication, it’s a very regrettable one with it being on the cover of the hard copy version that has already been sent to the printer (however, this has been fixed in the most recent PDF version). Sorry, Bob — my bad!

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