Archaeology Day at King Gillette Ranch, Calabasas, California

As part of Archaeology Day on October 11, 2015, at King Gillette Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains, Calabasas, California, a flintknapping demonstration was presented by local knappers for the public to learn about the art of knapping. The demonstration was extremely popular at the event as well were the various talks that were presented inside of the facility. Other features at the event included various displays on local history and archaeology, a hands on experience with archaeology for children and various tables hosted by archaeology students from California State University Northridge, among others.

The photo below shows Barney Desimone at the knapping demonstration.

This next photo is a beautiful point made by Tim Severn at the event that was graciously given to John E. Atwood, Editor-in-Chief of Knapper’s Quarterly…thank you so much Tim!