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Knapper’s Quarterly Discussion Group on Facebook is now closed

Recently, we decided to eliminate our Knapper’s Quarterly Discussion Group on Facebook since there are so many other flintknapping-related groups on that social media platform already (most of which entail people showing examples of their work). The main purpose of the former discussion group was to seek input about the type of articles that its members would like to see published in future issues and to notify people when new issues became available. At this point, we feel that both of these issues are better dealt with thru our secure website, PAST, INC.’s Facebook page, or by direct email. Additionally, we encourage all interested persons to signup for our KQ Newsletter emails (signup forms for this can be found on our website and the PAST, INC. Facebook page [left side menu]).

We apologize for some minor typos in early versions of KQ No. 5.

We were recently made aware of some minor typos in early versions of Knapper’s Quarterly No. 5 (Summer 2018). Some of these were introduced from production errors by using a beta version of our page layout application, while one or two others were just plain our mistake. Of particular note, there was an error in Figure 7. Ishi Stick Angle, of Dwayne Earnhardt’s article entitled A Guide to Edge to Edge Flaking on page 26 (the correct angle is 65%–75% as stated in the text [the insertion of decimal points in these percentages in the figure was in error]). This typo as well as some others have been corrected in all future versions of the issue.

Copies of Knapper’s Quarterly will be available at the Fall Flint Ridge Knap-in

Copies of Knapper’s Quarterly will be available for purchase at the Earnhardt’s booth at the Fall Flint Ridge Knap-in on Friday and Saturday (August 31 and September 1, 2018, respectively). Their booth will be located next to the chuck wagon - just look for the Knapper’s Quarterly, Modern-Flintknapping, and Edge to Edge banners!

Knapper’s Quarterly Number 5 (Summer 2018) is now available!

Cover - KQ No. 5 (800 x 518 px)

Knapper’s Quarterly Number 5 (Summer 2018) is now available (for more information about this issue, please refer to our KQ No. 5 page). The printed version can be ordered from the links on our KQ Printed Version Store page. Additionally, all issues KQ are available for order in a downloadable electronic version format as a reduced PDF file through our KQ Digital Version Store page. These are perfect for viewing on your smart phone, tablet, or computer (separate PDF reader app required).Please note: images in the PDF file version have been reduced to 96 dpi (as such they are not suitable for printing and the file is locked to prevent such). However, the much smaller file size does save a lot of space on your device! Please note: our PDF file versions of KQ are sold via an invoice that we will email to you after you submit an order using our KQ Digital Version Store page. Upon payment of the invoice though PayPal, we will send you an email containing a protected link(s) to your purchase(s). This link expires within 48 hours and you can only download one copy of your purchase. In rare cases, some ISPs block emails containing protected links thinking they contain spam. If you do not receive the email containing the protected link(s) for your purchase, please contact for assistance.


Flip-book App versions of KQ are no longer available for purchase

Please note: we are no longer offering our Flip-book style application versions of Knapper’s Quarterly. While this version was enjoyable to read and flip though like a electronic book, we feel that our PDF file versions are more universal and can be viewed on many types of devices (e.g., computers, smart phones, tablets, etc.) Please visit our KQ Digital Version Store page for more information on our PDF file versions.

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