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Knapping News

Knapper’s Quarterly wants to keep you updated with news about our site and other events such as knap-ins. While there may be some overlap, we have broken this down into two sections on our site: (1) our Blog, where you will find information about site updates as well as other entries of information (can be subscripted to via RSS), and (2) our Calendar of Events that present events and other happening in a traditional calendar view. Events in blue are associated directly with personnel or events associated Knapper’s Quarterly, while events in red are outside events like knap-ins. If we are planning to attend a knap-in, the date(s) will have both a blue and red entry. Additionally, on the Calendar of Events page, we present a web-based message form so you can submit information about an event (subject to approval) that you would like to be placed on our calendar. If you have attachments such as flyers or photos that you would like added to the calendar details, please send them directly to