Previous Giveaways and Winners

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The winner of our Duff Stuff Bead and Duffy Snow Signed Copy of Knapper’s Quarterly No. 3 was Ben Davis in the State of Indiana.

Duffy Snow of Duff Stuff generously donated this beautifully crafted banded slate bead for us to give away. The bead is approximately 1-inch (25.8 mm) in length, 0.4-inches (9.9 mm) wide and had a hole diameter of 0.1-inches (3.0 mm). In addition to this bead, we are also including a signed copy of Knapper’s Quarterly Number 3, Fall 2016 by Duffy, who has an article entitled “Working with Stone” in this issue! For more information about Duffy, please check out his Facebook pages: Duffy Snow and Duff Stuff.

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The winner of our Brian Wood Cumberland Point Giveaway was Thomas Stowers in the State of Tennessee.

Brian Wood donated this beautiful Cumberland point, which he crafted, for us to give away. This point is made from green Bangor limestone and is approximately 3.75-inches long and 3/16 of an inch thick. The point is fluted on one side, which makes it perfect for displaying in your case or for individual mounting. Brian is from Hanceville, Alabama, and is well-known for his extremely authentic looking percussion-flaked replicas. His writing have also appeared in every issue of Knapper’s Quarterly to date. Although he work is greatly admired, Brian generally does not sell his works of art to the general public, which makes this piece truly collectable and special!

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The winner of our Hatchett Creek Cases Giveaway was Mike Simpson in the State of California.

Hatchett Creek Cases come in many sizes, designs, wood types, and some are beautifully inlaid and parquet. They produce many standard sizes and custom sizes are also available. If you would like more information or to place an order you can contact them directly: Ray and Pat Griggs at 344-855-2952 or Chris Griggs at 706-505-0785; by email at; and on Facebook at Chris Griggs or Hatchett Creek Cases. They accept PayPal, check or money orders, and credit/debit cards for payments.