Knapper’s Quarterly is a readers supported publication that provides knappers and others with the opportunity to share their stories, insights, and work product with the knapping community as well as those people who truly appreciate the art form. As such, we are soliciting articles and photographs to present in forthcoming issues of the publication. Topics can range from how-to articles (i.e., techniques); personal history and experiences (e.g., why I got into knapping, materials I’ve tried to knap [both successfully and unsuccessfully], knap-ins I’ve been to, etc.); replicative studies (i.e., experimental archaeology); to descriptions and photos of your knapping efforts (read: who doesn’t want to show off their work and tell people what went into creating it). Basically, if it has to do with flintknapping, we’re interested in your article. While we do not pay for articles, writing one and sending in photographs is a great way to share your work with the knapping community and potential buyers. For those of you who sell your work, this is a great way to let your clients know more about you and your expertise in the field (let’s face it, the more they know, the more likely they will buy your work). Writing an article is also a great way to connect with other knappers about what you are doing.

Articles and photos can be submitted to us at Text can be submitted in a variety of file formats (e.g., .doc, .docx, .page, .txt, etc.) or even just as text within the body of an email message. Photographs (.jpg, .PSD, and RAW files) should be sent in the highest quality format and size that is available (you never know…your photo may make the cover of Knapper’s Quarterly!). All articles will be edited by John E. Atwood and Dwayne Earnhardt. If you would need assistance with writing your article, both of us would be more than happy to help you out with that. We are also planning to have simple Q&A articles in the publication too, which will allow you to quickly and easily create an article about how and what you are doing, and to describe how you got interested in knapping as well as anything else that you would like to relate to our readers. If you would like to discuss this option or anything else with us, please feel free to send us a message by using the simple Contact form below (messages with attachments must be sent directly to

Additionally, we have prepared this Contributing to KQ PDF file (which can be downloaded) that will provide you will some of our guidelines and suggestions.