Knapper’s Quarterly is now available in a standalone flip-book style application format for both the PC (.exe) and Mac (.app). These self-contained applications allow you read issues of Knapper’s Quarterly on your computer (each issue is sold individually for $4.95 and all issues are available in this format from our KQ Digital Version Store). As you can see in the screen shot below, you can print, search, and select articles and profile from bookmarks or thumbnails. Controls are provided for navigation, viewing in fullscreen, and turning on and off the page flipping sounds. Overall, the page flipping animation makes reading our issues an entertaining and informative experience!

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By selecting the appropriate button below for your computer application type*, you can download a free preview version of Knapper’s Quarterly No. 3, Fall 2016 (note: these applications downloaded in a standard .zip format that will need to be uncompressed before using). This will give you an idea what Knapper’s Quarterly is all about and you can see if this format of our publication works for you. If you like it, which we sincerely hope you do, you can come back to our KQ Digital Version Store and purchase the full version of this issue and any of our previous issues.

Free Preview Download for PC
Free Preview Download for Mac
The link below is provided for tablet devices capable of running PC (.exe applications [note: this application is downloaded as a .zip file and will need to be uncompressed before using]). It is important to note that our Mac application version is not compatible with Apple iOS devices; therefore the link to that file is not displayed. For the Mac version, please come back to this page when using your macOS computer and the download link button will appear.

Free Preview for PC (zipped .exe)
Sorry, the download link buttons for the free preview digital application versions of Knapper’s Quarterly are not displayed on mobile phone devices since they cannot be installed on them. Please come back to this page, when you are using your PC or Mac computer, or a tablet capable of running PC .exe apps (note: iOS devices cannot run the Mac version) and the appropriate links will appear.

*note: the Mac version is for macOS computers only and are not capable of running on iOS devices. Additionally, if you are running macOS Sierra (10.12.x), unzip the file, try opening the resulting app, after the warning, dismiss the the warning, then go to System Preferences, click the Security & Privacy pane, and allow the file to be accessed/opened (under the “Allow apps to be downloaded from:” section at the bottom of the pane).