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Full Cover KQ No 1

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(62 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, full color)

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The Progression of Flintknapping: The Past into the 21st Century by Dwayne Earnhardt

Mr. Coons’ Riddick Blade

Old School Meets New School by John E. Atwood

Idaho Flintknappers, Famous Potatoes, and Life After Crabtree

Flaking the Zuvuya by Robert Ratliff
(Note: “Zuvuya” is incorrectly spelled as “Zubuya” in the softcover book)

Stone Age Fishing on the Mayberry River, Alabama by Brian Wood

Johnstone Giants: An Odyssey of Replicating Gray Ghosts with the Robert Blue Jig

The Cahokia Project by Bruce Hudson / Kentucky Knapper

Man vs. Flint: Danish Daggers, the Epic Battle by Edward Mosher

Re-Knapped Broken Points, Preforms, and Typology Issues

Knapper Profiles

Malayna Tanner: How I Became a Flintknapper

Phil Love: The Knapper of the E-Sword

Are Tsirk - The Estonian Blade Master and Decipherer of Fractures by Jack Cresson

Knap-in Reports

Quartzite 2015 by Tim Evans

2015 Pedernales Knap-in by Bo Earls

Southwest Louisiana Spring 2015 Knap-in at Niblett’s Bluff Park by Bo Earls

North Columbia River Knap-in: Bridges to the Past

Chilao School Knap-in 2015 by John E. Atwood

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