Knapper's Quarterly Reseller Opportunities

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Become a Reseller of Knapper’s Quarterly!

Do you attend a couple of knap-ins every year? If so, we think having copies of Knapper’s Quarterly for sale at your table would be a great opportunity for you to make a little extra money and help promote the art of knapping in general. Of course, if you are featured in an issue, it just might help you make some more sales of your work (let’s face it, being published helps!).

Our KQ Resellers Program allows you to purchase softcover book copies of Knapper’s Quarterly of 10 or more for a discount rate, plus shipping and taxes. The program works this way…you let us know how many issues you want to buy and we will send you an invoice (emailed through PayPal preferred) for the total cost. Once we receive your payment, we will place the order through our printer for you and they will send the order directly to your address. Individual issues are not labeled with a price so you can charge what you want for them (we suggest $20 per issue). This amount is just a little more than someone who would purchase them from our eStore at $14.95 plus shipping and taxes, but your customer would have immediate access to them instead waiting for an issue to be delivered!

It has been our experience at knap-ins and other types of art shows that we sell out of the publications rather quickly and have left us wishing we had brought more! If you would like more information about our resellers program, please contact or via our Contacts page.

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