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(July 2015 version)

While rooted in mankind’s earliest beginnings, the art of flintknapping is a rapidly growing hobby (some knappers even do it professionally) in the United States and even has large international appeal. Today, knappers not only create traditional designs based on the archaeological record, but also newer more eccentric forms such as animal effigies, symbols, and dioramas, just to name a few. Knapped stone work can be hafted onto handles and made into jewelry. Our publication supports the knapping community by providing information about the people who practice this activity, knapping methods, and reports on knap-ins. Naturally, the publication will appeal to knappers, but will also be of interest to artists of many types, outdoorsmen, survivalists, naturalists, archaeologists, rock and gem suppliers, campers, and jewelry makers; among many other type of people with various interests. Advertising with Knapper’s Quarterly will facilitate contact will all of these interests should you be a knapper looking to sell your work, a supplier looking to sell to knappers, or are just interested in connecting with the knapping community, not to mention advertising your product to people who would be interested in the outdoors and other consumables or manufactured items.

Knapper’s Quarterly is available in both print (softcover book) and downloadable (PDF file) editions. The publication will offer two different placements for advertising: (1) full and half page ads that will be placed in-between articles at the end of articles, respectively, and (2) smaller, 1/6 of a page sized ads, in our dedicated Marketplace Section at the end of the publication. Additionally, all advertisements will also be added to our dedicated Marketplace page on (note: advertisers with full page ads will be placed at the top of the page, followed by half page advertisers, then the smaller sized Marketplace advertisers). All website Marketplace ads will be sized at 312 x 240 px. All advertisements on the website will be maintained on the site until the next issue of Knapper’s Quarterly is published unless renewed for the next issue.

Full Page Ads (7 x 9.25 inches) are $50 per issue
Half Page Ads (7 x 4.5 inches) are $35 per issue
1/6 of a Page Rectangular Marketplace Ads (3.25 x 2.5 inches) are $20 per issue
*Valid until further notice.

All advertising materials for the print version of Knapper’s Quarterly must be submitted via email to Built ads are accepted in .JPG, .TIF and .PSD formats and must be 300 dpi minimum at 100% (note: ads may be downsized to 72 dpi for the downloadable version of the publication). While we are not in the business of designing or formatting ads, we are more than happy to assist you with meeting these requirements if simple scaling or cropping is all that is required. Banners for the Marketplace website page can be submitted as .PNG, .JPG. .TIF, or .PSD files at 72 dpi in the sizes stated above. All advertisements are subject to the terms and conditions as well as the advertising regulation given below.

Upon receipt of your submission, we will review the proposed advertisement. Should we determine there are issues that need correction with your submission, we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve any problems. If your advertisement is accepted for publication, we will send you a link for online payment of your ad (or we can also send you an invoice where payment can be mailed by check or money order to our office upon request).

All ads must be prepaid and received by the published closing date published on If any prepaid amount results in an incomplete financial transaction prior to the submittal of the publication for printing and/or downloadable distribution, we reserve the right to pull your ad and not run any advertisement for you and/or your company until full payment is received and completed. Any incomplete financial transaction discovered after publication, will still be due PAST, INC. along with any third party financial institution penalty fees.

All advertising is subject to PAST, INC.’s (Publisher) approval and the Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising. The Advertiser and/or its agency represents that they are properly authorized to publish/use the entire contents of the supplied copy materials. Further, the Advertiser and/or its agency represents that there is nothing in the supplied copy materials that is libelous, privacy-invading, fraudulent or misleading, or in violation of any Federal, State and local laws.

The liability of the Publisher for errors or omissions in which it may be held responsible will not exceed the cost of the placed advertisement. It is further understood that the Advertiser and/or its agency will indemnify and hold the Publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense, or any other liability resulting from any claim or lawsuits that may arise out of the publication of such an advertisement.

Telephone: (818) 349-3353
Mail: Knapper’s Quarterly, c/o PAST, INC., 18034 Ventura Blvd. #202, Encino, CA 91316

A downloadable PDF file version of this information can be accessed by clicking here

Advertising submission deadline for KQ No. 6 (Spring 2019)
February 22, 2019

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